Title. Speak so I can see you

Genre. documentary feature

Year. November 2019
Duration.  73'
Production houseBilboke 

Co-production. Set Sail Films, Restart

Countries of production. Serbia, Croatia, Qatar

Supported byFilm Center Serbia, Eurimages (Lab Project Award, 2017), DOHA Film Institute, Yle

Director and Writer. Marija Stojnić

Producers. Miloš Ivanović, Marija Stojnić

Cinematographer. Dušan Grubin

Editors. Kristina Poženel, Ivan Vasić

Sound designer. Ivan Zelić

Co-producers. Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser
Sales&Festivals. Wouter Jansen/Square Eyes

Featuring radiophonic piece “Jezik” by Svetlana Maraš

Original composition in the film: “Arhiva” by Filip Mitrović

Conjuring reality and wonder, “Speak so I Can See You” takes us to a seemingly different era, by exploring the world of Radio Belgrade. One of Europe’s oldest radio stations and a true institution of the city, the station still broadcasts original programming and helps keep history, culture and critical thought, as well as ever- relevant questions about ourselves and the world, from slipping out of memory and mind.
Set at the intersection of an observational documentary and a unique sensory experience, the film conjures everyday scenes at the station and immersing interludes exploring the relationship between sound and the space it inhabits. Through a synesthetic blend of sounds, words, notes, echoes and light, we are taken into a unique cinematic soundscape that doubles as a love letter to radiophonic art and its disarming insight into what makes us remember, understand, think, discover, and feel.

Currently screening at.

Atlántida Film Fest (27 July – 27 August, 2020)

Melbourne International Film Festival (6 – 23 August, 2020)

Dokufest, Prizren (7 – 15 August, 2020)

제천국제음악영화제 Jecheon International Music and Film Festival (13-17 August, 2020)

International Competition

Beldocs – International Documentary Film Festival, Serbia (3 – 10 September, 2020)
National Competition & Opening Film

Past Festivals.

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands (20 November – 1 December, 2019)
IDFA First Appearance Competition

MoMA’s Doc Fortnight, United States (5 – 19 February, 2020)
Official Selection

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece (6 – 15 March, 2020)
Open Horizons

Dok.fest München, Germany (6 – 17 May, 2020)

Underhill Fest, Montenegro (16 – 23 June, 2020)
Regional Selection, Special Jury Mention


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