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Title. I think I might be Jupiter

Comissioned video series | Beldocs IDFF 2022

Directed by, concept: Marija Stojnić

Producer: Miljana Martinović

DoP: Dušan Grubin

Editor: Ivan Vasić

Color grading: Dušan Grubin

Plant sounds design: Aleksandra Mitrović

Used track: “Vrt”, by Svetlana Maraš

Sound editing: Marija Stojnić
mix & foley: Bojan Palikuća

Model: Aleksandra Mitrović

Costume: Tijana Milutinović

Makeup: Tijana Ljubić

Graphic design: Isidora Nikolić

Animation: Miloš Ćosović Desko

Photographer on set: Katarina Marković
Supported by: Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Centar za promociju nauke, LCF Media

This work, commissioned for the 15th Beldocs Festival, inspired by ASMR sensations and the use of technology for connecting with our own physicality in spatially limited, isolated, urban environments, explores presence, contact and sensuality, through micro-movement and micro-sound. The color-pallet of the video draws from one type of color blindness - tritanopia. Something that might seem like fiction to one person can be everyday reality for another.

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